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ISP Services & Web Development
Support, Maintenance & Repairs

GADD offers support maintenance and repairs on all of our services, IT products, equipment and peripherals.

Gateway ADD does not regard itself as a computer vendor as such but rather as an IT support company. In order to deliver the most efficient service it imperative to provide the best quality computer hardware and components available on the market today.

The lifespan of a product largely depends on the brand and quality thereof, that is best noted by the warranty that the manufacturer associates with the product. The warranty periods vary depending on the various brands and models. Gateway ADD carries full responsibility, within the warranty period, for the products provided the warranty conditions of the manufacturer are met.

As with all manufactured products, computer and IT related products have numerous imperfections, especially on a software level. Software makes up about 80% of all general computer related errors; therefore maintenance becomes imperative on a constant basis.

Maintenance is often the area where shortfalls occur in larger companies. More often that not, companies are convinced to delve into their budgets unnecessarily. Maintaining a system is not only cost-effective but also minimises loss of productivity. Gateway ADD understands not only the importance of maintenance, but also how vital support is to the company’s productivity. This is why we offer skilled, professional help and quick response time at affordable rates.

We offer both Service Level and monthly-based contract options on all of our specialised activities as well as customised Support and Maintenance contracts.

Contracts may apply to our:

  • Technical support and preventative maintenance services
  • Hardware
  • Hosting services

All of our contracts are designed and structured around the clients needs and are proposed upon after the completion of an in-depth survey whereby all technical, structural and legal issues have been addressed and analysed.


Gateway ADD offers maintenance and repairs on just about all brands and models of printers.

As printers consist of both electronic and mechanical components, it is essential to take the necessary care, in the sense of maintaining these peripherals, by means of servicing.

The service periods are usually determined by the brand and model of the printer, but operational and environmental factors should also be taken into consideration.

Gateway ADD will advise according to the abovementioned factors and company requirements.

Preventative Maintenance and Service Contracts can be set up according the specific needs of the client.




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