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Gateway Absolute Data Dimensions offers a range of Custom In-House Server Solutions based on the UNIX / Linux platforms, we specialize in UNIX / Linux as well as Microsoft based servers.

UNIX / Linux Servers

UNIX / Linux servers have the following advantages:

  • Unix and Linux is more stable than the majority of competitor servers
  • Unix and Linux is a cost effective alternative
  • Improved Fire walling
  • Less susceptible to hacking and virus attacks
  • Known to be quicker than most counterpart servers

Below is a breakdown of Server Services

  • Domain Controllers – We specialize in both Microsoft Windows (Active Directory) and Unix/Linux Domain Controllers
  • Web Servers – Our web servers can be applied to publish your company on the internet or enable you to host an intranet website.  Internet Proxy’s on Windows Servers as well as on Linux / Unix
  • Electronic Mail Servers – We are capable of installing, configuring and maintaining electronic mail servers on both Microsoft Windows ® and Linux / Unix environments.  This includes webmail, SMTP and POP3.
  • DHCP – Dynamic Host Client Protocol
  • DNS – Domain Name Service
  • Software Routing
  • Hardware Routing
  • Firewalls
  • Dial-Up Internet Connectivity
  • Dial-In Server Administration
  • Diginet Internet Connectivity
  • Backups

Microsoft Servers

Gateway ADD specializes in all of the Microsoft servers.

The advantages of Microsoft servers are:

  • Active Directory
  • Terminal services – Terminal services is a very handy utility that Microsoft introduced with the Windows 2000 Server family.  This enables the user to connect to the server and work on it as if working on your own PC
User Friendly environment – The Microsoft server family runs a user friendly environment that is easy to read whereas the UNIX / and some Linux server families only have a character based environment (similar to DOS)




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