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ISP Services & Web Development
Support, Maintenance & Repairs

Gateway ADD offers specialised infrastructure design, integration, implementation, maintenance and support of new and existing Wide Area Networks and Local Area Networks:

  • Networking Solutions
  • Network design and implementation.
  • Network performance monitoring and management.
  • Network cabling.
  • Wireless networking.
  • Installation and management of network firewalls.
  • IT Security auditing and risk management.
  • Fibre optics.
  • Server set-up and implementation.
  • Back-up implementation and monitoring.
  • Providing of off-site storage for backup media.
  • Server administration.
  • Network storage set-up and implementation.
  • Network computer set-up and implementation.
  • Networking maintenance and support.
  • Drawing up of network documentation
  • Drawing up of server documentation
  • Drawing up of computing policies according to customer needs.

Gateway ADD firmly believes that in order to implement and maintain a well functioning infrastructure it is vital to know and understand how an enterprise functions. Certain factors have to be taken into consideration:

  • The role of the network within the enterprise.
  • The existing infrastructure capabilities.
  • The existing infrastructure design and layout.
  • The security needs according to the infrastructure and the company.

Gateway ADD commits itself to the following procedures before undertaking projects on any scale:

  • Extensive consultation with management and departmental heads.
  • Assessing and analysing the corporate infrastructure linked to the network infrastructure in order to incorporate the most suited security solutions possible.
  • Advising on the solution options found by means of the assessment.

Consultation during the design, layout and implementation, and continuous network monitoring and support, ensures the optimisation of the network infrastructure.

Great care is taken to provide the highest level of security required within the environment in an effort to maintain confidentiality.




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