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ISP Services & Web Development
Support, Maintenance & Repairs
  • Internet Dial-up accounts
  • E-mail accounts
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Design
  • Database development
  • CGI/PHP script development
  • Domain name registration
  • Website Maintenance
  • Search engine submissions
  • Graphic design
  • E-commerce

ISP Services

Gateway Absolute Data Dimensions recently embarked on a project with the aim of establishing Independent Internet Services in the region in order to help promote Internet accessibility and IT awareness amongst our communities and within the region.

Therefore the primary Goal would be to provide not only affordable Internet services, but also connectivitysolutions to areas that have been struggling without a communication infrastructure.

Furthermore, an opportunity arose to collaborate with an already established Internet Service Provider, which was embraced by G.A.D.D. with great enthusiasm

This was mainly due to the numerous benefits that the prospective alliance presented itself with. Benefits such as:

  • the immediate gain of a large geographical presence
  • lowered costs involved in hardware resources and operations
  • thereby directly affecting the pricing structure of pricing structure to customers
  • enabling the provision of low-cost Internet services
  • better and more wide-spread support
  • aiding G.A.D.D. regarding ISP services in providing greater job opportunities within it’s community 


Hantam Internet Content Provider (HantamNet) offers World Class affordable internet connectivity and hosting on some of the most advanced Linux and NT servers available. HantamNet gives customers ftp access to upload and manage their own web pages.

Forwarding e-mail accounts are also available to match your corporate URL. This will forward the mail received to your current e-mail account. This allows one to access e-mail through a single account rather than having to check multiple accounts. Our DNS hosting and URL forwarding services allow us to manage the domain name resolution on the internet and point traffic to a web server managed by the customer.

Web designing

Gateway ADD provides an all-encompassing service, from design and site creation (web pages, logos, forms, graphics and image processing) to consultations of domain name sign-up, e-commerce, databases, animation and maintenance.

We cater for pages and elements in Flash, Java, JavaScript dhtml and asp, incorporated into a web site to give it the unique professional look and feel it deserves, while maintaining user-friendly navigation, speed and layout to make the experience for the visitor a pleasant one.

Web design is a specialised field which demands consideration of many different aspects when putting together a website solution that is customised to reflect a company as a whole.


The website should contain information on the company as to give the visitor a complete and concise picture of what the company is about as well as relevant information which could include the company’s portfolio, vision statement, partnerships, stock holders, projects, etc. The information should be set out in clear separate sections to ensure user-friendly navigation. If indeed there is information which for some reason is not contained within the website, an e-mail address and link should be provided within the website through which the visitor can request the information.


One of the major concerns in web design is speed. The website must be designed in a way that it appears on the visitors monitor in a reasonable amount of time. If a visitor has to wait too long a website to load they will simply leave and find another site that loads faster. This could mean the loss of a potential client.

The fastest way to display content on a web page is to use only text and no graphical elements in a page. Text-only pages are very fast loading and therefore can be easily accessed, but a web page that only offers text is not attractive to Internet users. We recommend our clients compromise between speed and a good-looking design.


The website must also be designed as to give the user easy access to all the pages and sections of the website. There is nothing worse than while navigating a site a user wishes to e-mail the company and then has to leave the current page to go looking for the company’s e-mail address. Well set out navigation links could ensure that a visitor will return to the site more than once.


E-commerce is a term used when a company wishes to sell products and receive payments directly from their web page. Online transactions require a site to have a merchant account with a bank. This could lead to being a rather costly endeavour; however we are able to cut these costs by as much as 70% using techniques we have refined over the years.

Gateway ADD can provide the perfect solution in web development, providing a valuable presence, showcasing the company and highlighting activities or projects on the website as they happen.

This will ensure that any Internet user has access to up-to-date information about the company as well as freedom to send an enquiry via e-mail or an online form.





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